Exercise advice for the New Year.

Now that Christmas is over many of us start to think about ways to improve our health. Which for a lot of us means us starting (or restarting) exercise regimes. Often I see people in February who have been a little too enthusiastic with their post Christmas exercise routines and have injured themselves as a consequence. This blog contains exercise advice on how to avoid injuries when you are trying to get fit.

Exercise advice for the New Year

1) If you have not exercised for a while then make sure you there are no medical reasons why you should not exercise (your G.P can advise you if in doubt).

2) If you are worried about an old injury or current muscle or joint problem holding you back get a Chiropractor to check out the problem and advise you how to start exercising correctly. Take advantage of my 20 minute free consultation if you have a problem that’s bothering you and I can tell you if Chiropractic Care could help you.

3) Wear the right gear. Make sure your trainers fit well and your clothing is not too tight. As poorly fitting footwear and tight clothing can cause injury due to the body moving awkwardly to compensate.

4) Warm up before exercising and be careful how you lift weights and other exercise equipment (bend your knees, not your back) and remember if its a while since you have exercised start off on an easier exercise or lighter weight than when you last did.

5) Gentle daily exercises such as the British Chiropractic Associations Straighten Up UK can help prevent back pain and improve posture but improving your overall strength and mobility. This will not only help your back but can help improve any sport you do as well.

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Rosie Piercy MChiro DC
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