What’s the pop noise?

‘What’s the pop noise?’ Is probably one of the questions I am asked most by patients.

The answer is that the popping noise you hear is something called ‘cavitation’.

So the next question is ‘what’s cavitation?’

Cavitation is the sound of gas bubbles popping in the fluid of the joint as pressure is released from the joint. To explain this in more detail we need to go into some anatomy.  Joints in your body known as synovial joints are filled with synovial fluid and have a synovial membrane around the fluid. When you have a chiropractic adjustment the surfaces of the joints are moved apart very quickly and then back again. This movement causes pressure changes which release gas bubbles which causes a ‘pop’ noise.  Although we often hear a ‘pop’ noise it isn’t the ‘pop’ that helps the joint, it is the adjustment, the pop is just a side effect that sometimes happens.   There are some treatments that don’t make the pop at all.

907 Synovial Joints.jpg

From http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Synovial_joint

The second most common question I am asked is ‘will it hurt?’. Adjustments themselves are not usually painful, I often find that patients expect the adjustment to hurt and are surprised when it does not. After the adjustment some people find that they have some instant pain relief and improvement in movement of the joint. However, there is no instant cure and generally you will need a course of chiropractic care to help treat your problem. At Total Chiropractic your treatment plan will also include exercises and stretches, ways to help yourself at home and postural advice to help you get better.

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