When you are thinking about starting chiropractic care you may be wondering what will happen at your first chiropractic appointment. Are there lots of forms to fill out, will you have to answer questions about your general health and will you be treated at your first appointment? This blog will go through what happens in a typical first chiropractic appointment at Total Chiropractic. Hopefully it will answer any of your questions. If you want to ask any questions you can contact me on 01635 791 301 or rosie@totalchiro.co.uk and don’t forget if you want to book an appointment  you can book online at anytime.

What happens at you first chiropractic appointment?

When you arrive at Total Chiropractic you will be asked to fill out a couple of forms. This gives us information about the problem you are coming in for treatment and about your general health and past medical history. One question I am often asked is ‘Why do you need to know this?’ Chiropractors are primary health care professionals which means that most of our patients come to us without seeing their  G.P we therefore need to take into account your general heath to help us decide whether you are suitable for chiropractic treatment or whether you need to be referred to your G.P or elsewhere.

Once we have the forms filled in we can start the appointment. We generally start by having a chat about your current problem, when and how it started. How painful is it, what makes it better or worse and have you had it before. We will then ask you about your lifestyle in general, what you do for work and your hobbies or things you do in your spare time.  We may then ask more questions about your general health and past medical history.

We then move on to the physical examination. Usually you will be asked to undress down to your underwear. Women are given a gown to wear and men can bring shorts with them if they would feel more comfortable.

As chiropractors like to assess the body as a whole, so we will probably examine the area that you have the problem in and then other areas as well. For instance if you came in with back pain we may examine you hips, knees and feet as well to see if any problems there could be affecting your back. Generally, chiropractors are interested in the function of the muscles and joints of your body and not just where you feel the pain. After we have finished an examination we will talk to you about our findings.

After we have talked to you about what we have found during your appointment you should know;

  • What we think the problem is (our diagnosis)
  • Whether Chiropractic treatment can help you
  • If Chiropractic treatment can not help you, who we will be referring you to and with what urgency
  • If you are suitable for Chiropractic treatment – what the treatment will be, how much treatment you are likely to need  and how long we think it will take for you to get better.
  • What sort of home exercises, ergonomic changes or and other things we think you may need to do to help your recovery.


Will I be treated during my first chiropractic appointment?

If you are suitable for Chiropractic care then we will discuss the treatment options with you and design a treatment plan for you. Any side effects of the treatment will be explained to you. If you are happy to go ahead then your first treatment will then usually take place. In my experience the majority of patients are treated on the first visit.

The only reason I do not treat patients on their first visit is:

1) if they are not suitable for treatment.

2) I need further information such as x-ray/ MRI results before I feel treatment can safely take place.

3) the patient does not wish to have treatment.

After you have been treated we will go through your personalised home care advice and answer any questions you may have.

I hope that has answered any questions about what happens at your first chiropractic appointment. Please do contact me if you  have a problem that you think a chiropractor could help I can be contacted on 01635 791301 or email me rosie@totalchiro.co.uk and you can always book an appointment online.


Rosie Piercy MChiro DC


Total Chiropractic