Trying to find a chiropractor near you?

If you are trying to find a chiropractor near you then may well be in pain and looking for a solution for a back injury you suffered last week. For relief from a headache that you have just realised is always there. Or you perhaps you have moved to a new area and are looking to continue your chiropractic care. Either way it you are looking to find a chiropractor near you and you want to choose wisely.


Here are my top 5 tips to help you find a chiropractor near you.

(psst…..  although I am talking about chiropractors in this blog the tips are the same for almost any private health professional)

1) Word of mouth

Ask around at work, ask your friends and family and see if anyone else sees a chiropractor or has head of one in the area. These days word of mouth also includes social media. Many towns now have local Facebook groups such as Newbury and Thatcham Berkshire Facebook group. You can post requests for recommendations in these groups which is bound to get you a couple of clinics you can investigate more thoroughly.

2) Search Online

A quick google search of  chiropractor and you location will bring up a list of chiropractors near you and information about them. You can then see if any of these match the word of mouth recommendations from your friends, family and work colleagues. Have a look at their website, see what the parking is like, have treated the problem you have had in the past. You can also have a look at their social media accounts such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter to see what advice they give and if any of it may help the problem that you have now.

3) Check professional qualifications and registrations

All chiropractors should be registered with the General Chiropractic Council (GCC). They are then also registered with a chiropractic association. The largest of which being the British Chiropractic Association (which I am a member), there are also the United Chiropractic Association, Scottish Chiropractic Association and the McTimoney Chiropractic Association.

Registration with the GCC has to be renewed annually. To renew our membership chiropractors must complete a set number of hours CPD and and prove that they are of good character.

4) Check out their reviews

Look at the reviews that chiropractic clinics have on their facebook page and google review as well as on their website. This will give you an idea of what their patients think of the treatment they have received. The only caveat I would give with this is that patients may not like to leave reviews for their chiropractors. Even if they have been very happy with their treatment  they may want to maintain their anonymity.

5) Contact them

Most chiropractors will be happy to talk to you over the phone about the problem you have to see if chiropractic treatment could help you. They probably won’t be able to speak to you straight away. There is a limit to how much advice they can give you over the phone but it is a great way to see what you think of them and to get a good idea of whether chiropractic care could help you or not.

Some chiropractors like myself also offer a free ‘chiro chat’ or ‘spinal screen’ appointment. My free Chiro Chat appointment is 20 minutes long. No treatment is involved but it is a chance for you to come and talk to me about your problem. I can ask questions and do a brief examination of the injured area. At the end of this I can tell you whether or not I can help you and how much treatment you are likely to need. You can then choose to book an initial full consultation appointment.

I hope my tips will help you find a chiropractor near you. If you are in the Newbury, Thatcham, West Berkshire area then I would be a chiropractor near you. My clinic Total Chiropractic is based at Total Health West Berkshire just off the A4 on the Newbury/Thatcham border. In case you were wondering, we have loads of free parking, beautiful reception area, free tea and coffee and wifi (that’s before you get to the brilliant, personalised chiropractic care!).

Please feel free to check out my website, Total Chiropractic Facebook page and twitter feeds for more information and health advice. If you have a specific problem and are wondering if I can help you then please do give me a call on 01635 791301 or book a free Chiro Chat to see if I can help you.

Best wishes

Rosie Piercy