You may have been told that you need orthotics if you have;

  • Flat feet,
  • Fallen arches,
  • Foot, knee, hip or low back pain

But what are they and what do they do?

Orthotics are inserts that you put into your shoe to support your arch and help improve your foot mechanics.

Faulty foot mechanics can cause excess stress and strain through your feet, ankle, knees hip and low back which can lead to wear and tear or pain in these areas.

There are two different types of orthotics your can get:

Off the Shelf or Custom Made Orthotics

In this blog we will talk about what custom made orthotics are and what a gaitscan is.

Custom made orthotics are comfortable bespoke shoe inserts specifically made to your precise footprint to help support your arch and guide your foot through each part of its step.

Imagine walking, running or playing sports without nagging foot, ankle, knee, hip or low back pain.

Gaitscan orthotics help position your feet so you will be using the right muscles at the right time, minimising fatigue and allowing your muscles to be used more efficiently. This helps to reduce muscle aches and pains, allowing you to get back to the activities you love.

To decide whether you need custom orthotics and before we even examine your feet, we take a history of your problem and your general health, we then examine your feet.

We examine the amount of movement you have in your feet and ankles, what your arch does when you are standing (weight bearing) and sitting (non weight bearing).

We  also see how much movement you have in your big toe when you are standing. This is important as it is the last part of the gait cycle called toe off and if you have trouble with this then it can mean that your feet may develop faulty mechanics possibly leading to aches and pains in your feet, ankles, knees, hips or low back. 

We then move onto a physical examination of the joints and muscles of your lower limb and back to see if there are any issues in those areas and any information that is relevant to the problem you have come in with.

After we have finished the physical examination we move on to the gait scan.

The gaitscan plate is a pressure plate and as you walk over it, it shows how your foot moves throughout your foot step, how your your centre of gravity travels through your foot step and how much time you spend on each part of your foot.

We can then show you the results of the scan and discuss with you.

If we decide that you need a pair of orthotics then we can go through the various types of orthotics and modifications we can add to them.

Once ordered they take 2 to 3 weeks to arrive.

We can then book you in for a fitting appointment to make sure they are comfortable in your shoe and go through the initial wearing instructions with you. Three weeks later we invite you back for a review appointment to make sure everything is going well.

It is quite normal once you start wearing orthotics to get aches and pains in different parts of your feet, lower legs and sometimes your back as your feet and walking mechanics responded to the changes your orthotics are making.

So how much do they cost?

To give you an idea of how much custom-made orthotic insoles should cost they range from around £200 to £450. 

At Total Chiropractic we charge £250 per pair.

As part of your package of orthotic therapy at Total Chiropractic the price not only includes your initial consultation, gaitscan and orthotics but a fitting and review appointment as well.

If you further information about orthotics then you read more about orthotics: niggling injuries and six signs that you need orthotics.

You can also contact us by phone or email or you can book a free 20 minute orthotic chat where we can talk about your needs and how we could help you.

If you have any questions or comments then do let me know, or alternatively post them in the comments below.

Warm wishes,

Rosie Piercy

Rosie Piercy Chiropractor Total Chiropractic
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