If you suffer from neck pain then I would recommend that you take your pillow on holiday. 

This may sound bizarre but I have found that it can help save people from a lot of pain and problems once they are on holiday.

It may not be easy to do if you are travelling abroad due to luggage restrictions but if you can I would. 

I have had many patients come back from holiday complaining that their neck hurt, and in some cases completely ruined their holiday because the pain was so bad that they could not sleep or do the activities they wanted to do. 

You can avoid this holiday disaster by taking your pillow with you on holiday.  

Your neck will have a pillow that it’s used to so when you go to sleep at night your neck will be comfortable and supported. You can then go out during the day and do all the activities you want to do!

If you sleep with a pillow with a bump in it and then some brands of such as Harley do a travel-size version: Click here to view

What do you do if you are on holiday and you have start having neck pain?

If it’s severe or  you are having any symptoms such as nausea, dizziness, headaches, weakness in your arms, pins and needles or pain in your arms and it may be worth contacting 111 if you’re in the UK or a health professional in a country that you are in. 

But if it’s just a simple ache then you can try doing some gentle backwards shoulder rolls.

In addition you can try some neck range of motion exercises:

Turning your head to look over each shoulder and placing your ear to each shoulder. This should all be done in your pain free motion and please stop if it irritates your neck or if you are unsure whether you should continue doing the movement.

If you are already under the care of a chiropractor they may be happy to get an email from you. I always make it clear to my patients that if they have a problem whilst they are away on holiday then they are welcome to email or call me for advice.

If you do get back from holiday with neck pain and it doesn’t settle, or you have a problem that you wish to try and get rid of before your holiday then do get it assessed by a chiropractor or other health professional.

Alternatively, click here to book a free 20 minute Chiro Chat with myself.

Warm wishes

Rosie Piercy

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