Today I want to go through an injury that I see mainly in the Summer 

Now this may seem like an unusual injury to have, but here we go… sun lounger injuries.

How do I spot a sun lounger injury?

Well, they patients tend to come in with pain in the upper back between the shoulder blades, sometimes in the bottom part of the neck. It may be something that they have not had before and often are unsure why it has happened. Particularly as they have not even been at their desk when you may expect this to occur, but been away on holiday. 

The pain tends to be particularly bad when leaning backwards slightly

What causes a sun lounger injury?

Often this has happened when people have spent time on a sun lounger usually lying on their front and propped up on their elbows while reading a book. 

This pushes your upper back into an extended position and almost jams the joints of the mid-back together. If you were to do this for 5-10 minutes every so often it wouldn’t cause you any problems at all. But if you were to go on holiday and they relax and stay in this position for 4 hours on the sun lounger then it would cause the muscles and joints in the area to tighten up and become painful.

So how do we avoid sun lounger injuries and stop it from ruining your summer holiday?

There are three easy steps

1) Try to vary position that you are lying in 

When reading don’t spend more than 10 minutes or 20 minutes in one position. That might mean laying on your back, then moving onto your side, before moving onto your front. Whichever position you choose, try and avoid lying on your front with your elbows propped into reading position.

2) Try not to lie down for too long

I know it’s your holiday and your are relaxing but be mindful of getting up every hour or so. Maybe go for a walk along the beach, to the bar or maybe have a swim in that lovely cool inviting swimming pool. You want to avoid your body being stuck in one position too long.

3) Try some gentle stretches and movement exercises. 

These can be rolling your shoulders backwards or turning your neck to one side then the other side. The aim is to establish movement without causing you any pain or discomfort. 

The challenge is that generally the upper back is under quite a lot of strain if you spend a lot of time sitting at a computer or in positions with your arms forward. So when you then go and change into a position that it is not used to, such as reading on a sunlounger, it can irritate any underlying problem.

If you are suffering from this then we can examine it and treat it at Total Chiropractic, simply book in for a 20 minute free Chiro Chat.

Warm wishes, 

Rosie Piercy

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