Bank holiday is around the corner and for many of us it is a time to use that extra day to travel, either to see friends, relatives or a different part of the world!

This blog has a few tips on how to avoid aches and pains when packing the car, driving to your destination and when you are staying in a different place.

We don’t want minor aches and pains ruining your weekend break.

Packing the car

It can be surprising when you are only going away for a few days how much luggage you can take with you – especially if you are travelling with children.

If you are driving to the airport then the amount and weight of luggage you can take will be limited but if you are staying in the UK then the amount you take is often only limited by the amount you can fit in the car!

1) When packing suitcases try and pack the weight of the luggage evenly across the suitcases so that you do not have one heavy suitcase and one light one. This will make them easier to carry around. 

2) When you are putting all the suitcases and other things you need for your time away in the car make sure you lift the heavier things carefully. Remember to bend your knees, not your back.

3) Try and pack everything into the car in an organised fashion so that you can also unpack it easily. I have seen more than one person needing treatment as a result of twisting awkwardly to get a bag out of the car.

Driving and travelling

Before you set off on your journey there are three important things you can do to help you arrive at your destination pain free;

  1. Check the travel – use google maps or your sat nav to check for any road works accidents or other major events on your journey so that you can plan a different route to avoid any traffic jams. The Waze App is another handy tool for this.
  2. Plan your journey – if you are planning to be travelling for several hours it may be good to plan a longer stop half way. Rather than having a quick stop at the services find an attraction to visit or a lovely pub/cafe/restaurant to stop at with a short walk. This not only gives your muscles and joints a chance to move around and free up but it can make the journey more of an event than a chore.
  3. When you do make a stop you may want to do a few simple stretches to help loosen up your muscles and joints – we have a suggestion of a few you can do here:

4. Check your car seat posture – if your car seat posture is not right then it can cause pain in your lower back, upper back and neck. So it is a good idea to check that yours is right before you set off. We have a video guide for this here: Driving Posture with Rosie Piercy

Sleeping somewhere different

When you travel you inevitably end up sleeping in a different bed with a different pillow.

We have all had holidays where our sleep has been effected due to the bed not being as comfortable as hoped or we are used to. Now obviously it is not practical to take your mattress with you but if you are staying in the U.K I would suggest taking your pillow on holiday.

You can read more about why this is a could idea in this blog:

Avoid Holiday Disaster and Take your Pillow with You

Also if you have any other pillows or supports that you normally sleep with that are easily transportable then you may want to take them with you.

I can remember when I was pregnant taking my pregnancy pillow with me everywhere just to make sure I would get a good night’s sleep.

Finally if you are planning a trip away and you are already suffering from an injury then do have treatment well before your holiday starts.

If you are in pain and wondering if chiropractic care can help then you are welcome to get in touch with me, or click here to book a 20 minute free Chiro Chat.

Warm wishes,

Rosie Piercy

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