Choosing a Bikini for your Holiday

Normally it this time of the year would be the year when we start looking forward to the summer and hopefully the holidays it brings. This year with everything that has happened we may not all be heading abroad for the summer holiday.

Whether you have booked yourself a sunny trip or are thinking of staying in the UK you may be thinking that it is time to buy a new swimming costume or bikini.

Usually when we are thinking about buying a swimming costume or bikinis we are focused on style, colour and whether the shape will flatter us.

But one thing we may not think about but should consider is how much support it gives our breasts.

This may not be the at forefront of your mind but particularly if you are large breasted and do not have a supportive bikini, then it can cause back pain or neck pain which can sometimes go on to ruin your holiday due to the pain.

So, what should you look for if you are large chested?

I would suggest avoiding halter neck bikinis at all costs.

This is because the weight of your breasts (which in some women can be a lot) goes entirely through the bottom part of your neck and often the strap is not very wide meaning a lot of the pressure and weight is going through your neck. Which can cause neck pain and upper back pain.

Instead I would recommend a normal style bikini that has straps that go over the shoulders. In addition I recommend the straps be quite wide so that when the bikini or swimming costume is on you feel the weight of your chest that is supported.

You can also look for swimming costumes that have a bra fitted into it.

For bikini shopping I would normally suggest a shop such at Bravissimo which caters women with large breasts. Due to this the bikinis and swimming costumes are designed to help support your chest in a way that will cause minimal stress to your neck and your upper back.

If you find that generally your breasts are unsupported in your bra it is worth having a bra fitting. You can read more information about this in my blog: Why you should wear the correct size bra

If you need more help or would like to discuss any back or neck problems with me then please get in touch pm 01635 791 301 or book a chiro chat online.

If you have any questions or comments on this blog post then do let me know, or alternatively post them in the comments below.

Warm wishes,

Rosie Piercy BSc (hons), MChiro, DC

Chiropractor – Total Chiropractic

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