Resources and advice

Resources and advice


On this page we have put together some resources that allow you to help yourself from home.

Feel free to download as many as you need and recommend to others. If you would like more advice then do have a read of our blog or contact us.

Neck pain desk posture photo of young woman setting up home office with house plant in hand


Working from home? Tips for getting your desk set up correctly. This blog covers:

  • How to setup your laptop or computer whether you are sitting at a desk, ktichen table or working from your sofa or a bed.
  • The importance of staying active during the day
  • Stretches you can do whilst sitting at your desk
Online exercise photo of mother with baby and young sibling stretching


For videos we recommend to our patients click on the link below to go to our You Tube channel, where you'll find instructional videos, exercises*, even how to avoid backpain when driving the car!

*These exercises are designed for healthy adults, please check with your G.P, chiropractor or other health care practitioner before continuing.

Checklists to download

Treatment for neck pain thatcham newbury west berks photo of happy swimmer indoor pool


Suffering from neck pain that seems to have come from nowhere? It can be hard to work out what is causing it.

Download my checklist of habits and postures that can cause neck pain - why not see if it is causing yours?

Treatment for back pain thatcham newbury west berks photo of family group mulitple ages walking on beach


Back pain can be debilitating. Whether it's come up suddenly, or has been slowly increasing, it's often hard to understand the cause.

Click the link below to download my checklist of habits and postures that can cause back pain.

Treatment for pelvic girdle pain photo of pregnant mother and young son


If you're pregnant and suffering from back or pelvic pain such as spd/pgp it can make your pregnancy painful, frustrating and often downright miserable.

Download my top 6 tips for things you can do at home to help.

Find the right mattress photo of happy couple testing mattress in a furniture store


Buying a mattress can be a daunting process but get it right and it can lead to better support, fewer aches and pains and, perhaps most importantly, a good nights sleep.

To help you choose your mattress here is my 5 step checklist.

Orthotics Newbury photo of female runner tying running shoes outdoors


Do you regularly suffer from foot, ankle, knee or leg pain? Do you have flat feet, and wonder if you may need orthotics?

Download my checklist for the conditions and pains that orthotics can help with: a great first stop on your orthotics research journey.