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Gardening Man

Injury Free Bank Holiday Gardening Fun

By Rosie Piercy | April 28, 2016

The bank holiday weekend is nearly upon us and it is the time of year when hopefully we can be out and about. Often our attention turns to gardening. This time of year is a busy one in the garden with seed to sow, beds to be dug and of course the dreaded weeding and with…

Back Pain

Low back pain? These 3 Tips May Help.

By Rosie Piercy | February 11, 2016

An achy dull pain after sitting for too long? Sharp pain after twisting or lifting? Or a combination of the two? All in the small of your back or off to one side? Sounds like low back pain. Low back pain is common, it is thought to affect 4 out of 5 people at some…

Don’t Let Injuries Stop Your Exercise Plan

By Rosie Piercy | January 11, 2016

January is the month of resolutions, promises of improvements and lifestyle changes, in the hope of a healthier, happier lifestyle. So we start our new training plan, then if we are not careful exercise injuries can cause us to stop exercising altogether. Sometimes with our enthusasim to achieve our new goals it is easy to…

Question Mark

When To See A Chiropractor?

By Rosie Piercy | August 6, 2015

When to see a Chiropractor? When to see a chiropractor? It’s something I am often asked, along with phrases such as “I should have come to see you about this weeks ago”. It seems that people don’t know when it’s the right time to seek advice for the problem they have – or how long they…

Chiropractic Fact or Fiction

Chiropractic Fact or Fiction?

By Rosie Piercy | July 27, 2015

Chiropractic Fact or Fiction? I am often asked questions about chiropractic education, training and regulation so I thought I would answer this questions as  chiropractic facts or fiction. You need a degree to be a Chiropractor Chiropractic Fact Chiropractors studying in the UK will have graduated from one of three colleges. The Anglo European College…


What Happens at Your First Chiropractic Appointment

By Rosie Piercy | July 27, 2015

When you are thinking about starting chiropractic care you may be wondering what will happen at your first chiropractic appointment. Are there lots of forms to fill out, will you have to answer questions about your general health and will you be treated at your first appointment? This blog will go through what happens in…

Question Mark

What is the Difference Between a Chiropractor and an Osteopath?

By Rosie Piercy | July 27, 2015

What is the difference between a Chiropractor and an Osteopath? Is a question that I get asked regularly so I thought I would team up with local Osteopath, Melanie Harrison to see if we could come up with an answer. However as we started to do this we found that there were probably more similarities…

How to Avoid Sports Injuries

How to Avoid Sports Injuries.

By Rosie Piercy | July 27, 2015

Taking part in sports regularly is a great way of keeping fit, being social and generally having fun. You want to take part as often as you can so it is important to avoid sports injuries at all costs.   Injuries can stop you in your tracks, cause you not to perform at your best, and in…

What's the pop noise

What’s the pop noise?

By Rosie Piercy | April 30, 2015

What’s the pop noise? ‘What’s the pop noise?’ Is probably one of the questions I am asked most by patients. The answer is that the popping noise you hear is something called ‘cavitation’. So the next question is ‘what’s cavitation?’ Cavitation is the sound of gas bubbles popping in the fluid of the joint as…

Babies, Toddlers and Back pain.

By Rosie Piercy | March 12, 2015

Babies, Toddlers and Back Pain. Babies, toddlers and back pain. It’s not something that you would think go together but often they do. Caring for babies and young children can be hard work – especially for your back. The constant lifting, carrying and bending involved can play havoc with your back. This applies not only…