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Neck and Shoulder Pain

Why You Should Wear The Right Sized Bra.

By Rosie Piercy | February 24, 2014

Why you should wear the right sized bra. Not many of us would instantly think of bras as the cause of their back pain. The culprits we often think of are poor posture, sitting at desks and carrying heavy bags. But a recent survey outlined why we need to wear the right sized bra. The…

Exercise advice for the New Year.

By Rosie Piercy | January 21, 2014

Now that Christmas is over many of us start to think about ways to improve our health. Which for a lot of us means us starting (or restarting) exercise regimes. Often I see people in February who have been a little too enthusiastic with their post Christmas exercise routines and have injured themselves as a…

Back Pain

Disc Problems and Chiropractic Care

By Rosie Piercy | December 20, 2013

The topic for December is disc problems One question I am often asked is by patients with disc problems is…. “My leg hurts but you are telling me it’s coming from my back?” Disc problems that commonly occur in the neck (cervical) or low back (lumbar) part of the spine can cause pain, numbness, pins…

Back Pain

Avoiding Back Pain

By Rosie Piercy | November 21, 2013

Avoiding Back Pain Back pain can be very painful and debilitating so finding ways of avoiding back pain is something we all want to do. Back pain is also very common, this is something we all know, whether from personal experience or because we know someone who has had back pain. According to a survey…

Back pain in pregnancy

Chiropractic treatment of Pelvic Girdle Pain in Pregnancy

By Rosie Piercy | September 11, 2013

Chiropractic treatment of Pelvic Girdle Pain in Pregnancy During pregnancy women can suffer from back pain and pelvic girdle pain. Back pain can be common during  pregnancy but is normal nor should it be ignored or put down as ‘just part of pregnancy’.  Pain in the back, pelvis or at the front of the pelvis…