Custom Made Orthotic Insoles

Bespoke shoe insoles, tailor made for you to help with knee, ankle and foot pain.

Custom Orthotic insoles

Are you considering custom made orthotics? This may because you are suffering from foot pain such as plantar fasciitis, arthritic pain in your knees. Or do you find that your feet, ankle, knees or hips are painful after standing, walking or taking part in sports?

There are several factors to consider when choosing which orthotics. The main choices being do you want to have off the shelf or custom insoles and where do you buy your custom insoles.

Before we consider those factors let us discuss how orthotic therapy can reduce pain.


How do custom made orthotic insoles work?

The purpose of orthotic insoles is to help your feet work at their best. This can help reduce pain and pressure on your feet, knees and other joints.

If your feet are not working at there best it is usually due to the bio-mechanics of your feet. One of the first things people notice about their feet is the type of arch they have. Either high, flat or normal. The picture below shows how your arch types can cause your feet to work differently.


The most common problem we see is over pronation of the feet. Which is when the feet roll inwards too much. This is often seen in people with weak arches or flat feet. If you have flat feet you may experience localised foot pain, bunions, hammer toes, pain in the arch of the foot and heel pain. Sometimes people also find they suffer with symptoms further up their legs such as knee pain.  Occasionally they may have problems with their hips and back and sometimes flat feet can even cause neck pain.

Orthotics can help improve the biomechanics of your feet by supporting the arches of your foot and stabilising the bones of your feet, which brings the muscles, and bones back into alignment. This can help reduce pain and pressure on your feet, knees and other joints.

There are two main types of orthotic insoles – off the shelf and custom made orthotics.


Off the shelf orthotics are good as an introduction. They are mass produced and give general arch support. They are not bespoke insoles and will not be customised to your needs.

Prescription orthotics such as the one pictured above are custom made to meet your individual needs. Bespoke orthotics such as these are made of more durable and better quality materials and tend to have longer life span. Because they are custom made insoles people tend to notice more of an improvement over the generic off the shelf orthotics. If you have started out in off the shelf orthotics and have noticed some improvement. You may find upgrading to custom orthotic insoles will give further benefits.

Where should you buy custom made orthotics?


There are many types of custom orthotics and many places to buy them.  At Total Chiropractic we use the TOG GaitScan system to analyse your foot step and make your orthotics.

This system uses an in-depth biomechanical analysis using a TOG GaitScan System to assesses your need for prescription custom made orthotics in the same way that an optician would prescribe a pair of glasses for the individual wearer.

Our TOG GaitScan Orthotics are custom made insoles made from unique memory flex plastics to meet your individual foot care needs and come with a guarantee against cracking and splitting, they have a lifespan of 7-10 years.

At Total Chiropractic a chiropractor performs your GaitScan appointment. We understand the biomechanics of your feet are fundamental to good posture and healthy joints. If the biomechanics of your feet are not working well then it can alter the way in which your knees, hips, pelvis and spine function.

Your GaitScan appointment includes a full history of your problem. As well as an examination of your feet, ankles, knees, hips and low back. This detailed examination gives us a full picture of the problems you are having. We can see if any other joints or muscles may be affecting the pain you are experiencing. This gives us a better understanding of your problem. So we can advise you on the best choice of custom made orthotic and on any other exercises or treatment we think may help you.

How much do custom made orthotic insoles cost?


The price for custom made orthotics ranges from £220 to £400 ours are priced at £300. This includes your gaitscan appointment, orthoticTOG GaitScan fitting appointment and review appointment.

We also offer a free 20 minute orthotic chat. In this appointment we will examine your feet and answer any questions you may have about custom made orthotics. If you would like to book this appointment you can fill out the form below or book online.

If we think that you are likely to benefit from custom made orthotics we can then go on to book you a gaitscan appointment. A gait scan appointment lasts about an hour and includes a history of your problem, an examination of your feet, ankles, knees and hips and then the gaitscan to assess your foot mechanics.

To book your orthotic chat or for more information contact us now by calling 01635 791301 or book online.

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